raja ki rasoi 1998
Corruption has always been a big issue. But there was a period in the 70s and 80 when it was highlighted by a series of scams and fraudulent underhand deals. Compelled by the socio-political, I wrote Raja Ki Rasoi (this title was suggested by Dr. Namawar Singh). The play is inspired from a Buddhist tale in which the king turns into a man-eater. I thought it was a perfect symbol for the manifestation of a common human weakness, lust and greed, which is at the root of all corruption.

Produced by National School of Drama Repertory Company

Choreography Padmashri Bharati Shivaji

Music Kavalam Padmanabhan Ratna Panikkar

Costumes Archana Shastri

Lights Ashok Sagar Bhagat

Stills S Thyagarajan

Actors Mahendra Mewati, Deboo Bhattacharya, Jhilmil Hazarika, Meghna Malik, Ish Amitoj, Baljinder Kaur, Raja, Kuldeep